Saturday, November 9, 2013

What is spectacular? What is it?? what is IT??

They say it takes something spectacular for you to get out of your comfort zone.
Particularly if you are a perennial procrastinator like me

What then, you might ask prompted me to get back to writing my first blog post in years?

Nothing.. Nothing spectacular that is.
Its a Saturday, I'm at work like all other Saturdays, I drove to work today (which I've never done before, and i know this is bad news for a lot of auto-drivers around the city who took me an many a ride - pun intended)

So ya, maybe driving to work is making me feel good?
Driving my car is symbolic of driving my circumstances? No.

God forbid, i wouldn't want to drive my circumstances. I want to live the circumstances. that is where all the beauty is. The beauty of being, of experience.

I said beauty of being, whose being? mine?

God forbid, no not mine... Its the beauty of the ONE who remains hidden, yet within us all along.

I do not know, maybe its a call from this person i received just a while back... I do not know.

All i know is, spectacular is all around us. It lurking, beneath every mundane activity or situation around us.
It is lurking under the garb of boredom, its lurking under our fear. It is lurking under our hunger, our food, our breathing.

We shouldn't really try to define spectacular. We must only open our eyes.

and look around, live, and wait for that spectacular to sweep us off our feet, and lead us.

The spectacular is in us. Within us. Hidden, yet infinitely manifest. Let That spectacular drive you. Rub your eyes, out of disbelief, and you will then rub in disbelief, at the Spectacular.

Can we name this spectacular? this supremely, infinitely blessed being? Out of whose being-ness we live, feel and experience, yet not learn??

When the belief of knowing-ness comes to you, you will rub your eyes and open them wide, and you'll be surprised that all of your life, you, my friend, have been living the Spectacular!!

May we be bewildered, and in awe, forever and ever. In this spectacular, that we call - LOVE

Not the kind they show in movies, but the kind, which when realized, leaves you speechless.

Donot ask me, do not ask yourselves where you would find it.

Rumi says, “What you seek is seeking you.” 

What is spectacular??, it is that, which is seeking you, every second of your existence,

 Don't find it, remain silent for a while, and let it find you.

It is, what it is 

When you know this.. and you will, you will fall in love all over again, with your trials, with your difficulaties, with you unease, for in reality it was all Hidden Mercy, that pushed you to banish what is outside of you, and seek what is within,... The very core of your being, the very core of the universe, the very core of all that is... The spectacular.. Love..

What justice can i do to the #awesomeness of this spectacular, but since i yearn to... I dedicate this post to The spectacular. This my friend, this dedication, is my worship. Blessed be the spectacular!! Blessed be the spectacular..

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 9(9)
Right Brain Dominance: 14(14)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The sun and sunny days .... A tribute to Philip caputo

The following is an excerpt from 'the voyage' by 'philip caputo'

''the golden shimmer appeared where the horizon was supposed to be,then a red sun pushed up,like the head of some fiery infant bulging out of the grey sea's womb-water giving birth to its opposite element.

Take that for a piece of writing !how brilliant was that , hats off Mr caputo !! I have always believed that a great piece of writing is one that inspires the reader to think , and write !!
There are few examples better then this one , for its not only pushed me to think , its pushed me to write what i thought about too !!

Not surprisingly ,its about the sun that i have written .

Our lives, are like the daily cycle of the sun.
We take birth ,all mild ,innocent ,utterly harmless and extremely lovable , we appear but like a miracle of nature !

But as we sprout wings and fly into adolescence and then adulthood ., we , with wings , unfortunately grow horns too !... And we become more ferocious , less mercifull and more arrogant , causing discomfort to poorer beings! Like the sun in the noon , blinding yellow , extremely bright , hot, refusing to provide us with any sort of relief or shade .

But then, there is justice after all and life does teach us a lesson or two. It humbles us , gives us a chance to realise , and.... Towards the ends of our lives , we are humbled too , just like our radiant celestial neighbor.

Again changing from a fiery yellow to a friendly glow of orange , and then to a serene pink , its almost like the sun , has learnt his lesson , like he kno's he's run out of his 'sunny days', and is Reminiscing his time during the noon. And in retrospect ,is feeling foolish ,almost guilty ,
He's serene because, he must have lived arrogant, like a fool , for a certain period of his life , but he's learnt from his life and he's appreciated the beauty of it......
And now , is going down enlightened, going down wise , heart heavy with joy and remorse at the same time ,,......

Waiting for another chance... Hoping not to repeat his mistakes we wait.... For another chance ....everyday

and how marvelous is this set-up, how marvelous is GOD , HIS nature !! And how fitting that with the next chance the sun gets , a new day , a new chance to start afresh we are blessed with !!
A new page in the book of our life we turn !! A blank page more importantly , giving us a chance to start afresh , keeping the past out of our present !!

How can we not fall in love with this complicated ,yet so simple life !!

The misery of being a ''thinking man''

I am not much of what 'they' call a ''thinking man''.... Or so i am told ...

In that previous sentence i really don't know who the 'they' are...
Come to think abt it , no one know''s who , the 'they' are...

Everyone says 'they' , but nobody 'is' 'they'.
So maybe there are no 'them' really !!

As to why i should not be considered a thinkin man by 'them' ?,really beats me

its not like i don't think?...
I think all the time, i think every second I'm awake, maybe i think when I'm asleep too?maybe i just don't remember the thinking part of my sleep !

I 'think' a lot of things !!,... Like....

Why is a parking lot called a parking 'lot' ,?
Is it because it has LOTS of parking space ??

Why is a 'better half' a 'better half' ??who decided that ur 'other' half is ur 'better' half ??

Why do chicks hug 'filthy rich' kids saying ' awwwwww ... My 'poor' baby??' ..are they really that blind ??

Why do some girls 'babytalk' all their lives?? Even if it sounds......well...... More baby'ish then babe'ish ??

Why do people make movies like 'golmaal 3' ?? Who invests in these??and who' watch these??

Why do ppl wrote blogpost such as these??

The list is endless !!! Inspire of it I'm not considered a 'thinkin man' !!

Its not like i WANT to be considered a thinkin man, i just wanna know why I'm not considered one ??

My brain is overcrowded with things to think about ,like I've already mentioned !
The volume of thinking is so high that I'm barely left with anything else to do !!
So I'n 'compelled' to think,......

That my thoughts aren't too compelling , is another story !

It is a kind of thinking that doesn't lead to anything, anything substantial that is, .

It is , a kind of thinking that leads to stupidity!!

Or maybe stupidity leads to this kind of thinking !!

'thinking men'..don't think of such things .,...things this trivial ....

They think of things that matter, matter to who ?i'm not sure yet !
But they think , and sentences like 'what does not kill you only makes you stronger' result from their thinking .... ...

Doubts like 'if we keep getting stronger every time we don't die !, but we eventually die, den wat use was the strength we gained by not dying' ?? ,,....result from my kind of thinking !! ..sadly.

They think and the product of our thinking make way into our English exams as 'comprehension passages' ... I think and the product makes way into an unknown blog.... (which is how it shud be ofcourse:))

pathbreaking realisations , intellectual tidbits are the consequences of their thinking.,,... But , in that case , shouldn't they be called 'great pathbreaking thinkers' or something like that ??

Because 'thinking' is too general a word for them !! Or is it too hard to realise what I'm saying ??

If they are such good 'thinkers' shudnt they have thought about it already?? One needs to be specific after all , doesn't one ??surely thinking , is too general a term to be patented for the elite !! For this patent robs a lesser mortal from being categorized as a 'thinker' ,although he/she thinks !!

Isn't this a fair enough plea??if yes, then why don't many of them agree to it ??

Maybe I'm a dick and i don't know it , maybe everyone but me is a dick and they don't know it !!
(as Jim maher wonders in the hemingway man)
These are questions that'll remain unanswered !!
All i want to tell you is (if you're still reading this that is).....,

do not think a lot , or you'll end up writing a stupid blogpost like me...
Ironically .... Without putting much of 'thinking' into it !!!

What happens when a common man visits ub city part 2

I don't normally keep promises ,simply because i forget i made any .however your first blog is hardly somethin to forget about !! And i had promised to you that i will come back and tell you what happened while i was crossing the road !!

Well , that another day had arrived (unfortunately for u and fortunately for me ) soo, here you go (say ur prayers or close the window or do both before its too late)

when i did come out of 'ub city' i walked past itch gardenia where some of the top names of the country were motionless being treated like assets and liabilities and the ipl auction was in progress, i have never liked ipl personally and i hated auctions even more , but i doubt if my dislikes and likes matter to the rest of India , the players themselves don't mind the auctions (only overrated players i mean) so i can say nothing abt i ...... Anyways comin back to the story !!

I came across 2 little (15 or 16 something i guess) making a fuss about crossing the road!!

Now let me tell you a thing or two abt Indian girls (because most of my audience, yes i do have ppl reading my blog and I'm serious, are from the western hemisphere)

the ''cool quotient'' of a girl in India is directly proportional to her ''fuss quotient''...
If you are not familiar with indian girls and the fuss they make, you'd think they are facing a nuclear missile with bare hands.

So they were fossil crossing the road and i did not get the opportunity of knowing their names so lets call them the 'hot girl' and the 'hotter girl' (i hope i am not assumed to be a pedophiles, these are YA's we're talkin about)

their conversation went something like this
hot girl ; fuck man ....... Something something...... Fuck......something ...fuck !!!....fuck......fuck!!

Hotter girl ; reallllllllllllyyyyyyyy???? ......fuck man.... I thot....something ...something.... Fuck ...... But.... Something.... What the fuck !!!

Here's your lesson #2 ... In India , a young girl/guy's cool quotient is also directly proportional to the number of 'f' words in his/her ave sentence!!!
This is all i got to hear , i needn't hear anymore , they crossed the road as did i ...
Were they being stupid??maybe the were being natural ??? Or were they naturally stupid???

I'll never know...
All i know is ...
the way they spoke wasn't very unfamiliar to me!.... I knew it too well , heck... I even luv'd it i guess.... I felt at home !! Surrounded by the fussiness of the world,...surrounded by the stupidity of the world .... Surrounded by youthful carelessness !! I luv'd my life...

If somebody'd ask me what i learnt/realised that day I'm sure my answer'd be that ... Cool quotient's presumed to be directly proportional to a girl's fuss quotient and the number of fuck words in her language...

I am sure my answer wudnt amuse anyone ..but i luv accepting life the way it is.... And i luv stupid gilts who use a lot of 'f' words for no apparent reason !!

Monday, January 10, 2011

What happens when commoners visit ub city

Vitthal mallya road ..10th of jan 2011 A rather untra thing happened at ub city , bangalore. A man,who had no business being there,was there...(waiting for a gentleman who happened to be his brother) before you ask, let me tel you why this was a strange occurrence.......

 A few people stared at our friend..others ignored him...out of the ones who stared, some shared in disbelief,some with pity , some with appreciation......appreciation , because he had the audacity of turning up looking like how he was looking at ''the u b city ! ''. . . dull , tired, sweating , wearing loose ill fitting sun glasses stuck on his face, no plastic smile stuck on his lips either.....

 Now lets let our man do the talking himself...before you close this window... So here's the account of a 'commoner' visiting ub city. . . For the first time...

 Okay, so i 'd been to u b city, and i know i 'm making it look like i'd been to the moon....shows how jobless and idle my mind really is.....but're the thoughts that crossed my brain...(yes, i'm convinced i do have a brain, ppl who kno me are not ) i'd strongly recommend you to discontinue reading lest you get terribly bored...but you already have stopped reading anyways , so let me continue... .

 My mind....

'woww, this place is beautiful.....i have lost weight, this pant used to fit me well previously.....nice little fountain al gone,need to get a new hair look awful and i look like i'm sorry abt being the middle of all these important looking people.....i need to try and look important too...........they're al smiling , some giggling ,laughing....why're al those girls laughin so hard?are they looking at me?no that cant be possible, why're they waving their icecreams at me?? they know i'm nursing a semi ??.....i should stop looking at their butts......this carpet is beautiful,and so soft.....the mirrors here aren't reflection looks....dam am i walking with a visible hump???i need to use fewer pillows to sleep......wait, you dont think i 'm obsessed with myself do you ??i'm not an egotist....i'm not a narcissist . . . .i'm just a little vain .

 But why are al these people looking at me??i know i look funny. . . . But. . . Now even more people're looking . . . ..wat's wrong ?? . . . . . .maybe because i'm the only guy using this mirror here. . . . . . . .oh fuck. . . .its one of those glasses with a mirror on one side and bunch of laughing people on the other . . .a restaurant on the other side in this place..... . . .that explains why those girls with ice creams were giggling looking at me. . . . . . . .damn . . . .i need to get out of this place.... .before i create yet another embarrassing moment for my self. . . Which i 'm so fond of creating . . . . . . .i walked into some restaurant . . . . . Walked out a little faster then i walked in. ,a coffee costs a fortune there. I looked at my cel phone hoping my brother 'd call me up to end my misery,but that wasn't to be. . . . . . . . ..I walked into a louis vuitton showroom. . . .i saw this ladies handbag ,so red and shining ,you'd think its a human and thug repellent. it could make bag snatchers contemplate changing their field of work. . .it was so small you couldn't keep your cell phone into it without a fifteen minute foreplay..and then i saw its price. . . . . . . And then i saw the bag again. . . . . . With more respect this time. . . .appreciating its compactness. . . .its bold and loud color . . . Its splendid shine . . . . Elegant zippers . . . , and its price. . . . Rupees 77900 . . . Only. . . . The 'only' part almost looked sarcastic . . . . . . . . . . . . I suddenly realised wat this bag was all about???it was abt being louis vuitton . . . . . .i realised what louis vuitton was all about . . . . It was about outrageous prices . . . . I realised what ub city was all about . . . . .brands like louis vuitton . . . . And the people around me were people who could afford louis vuitton . . . . .who didn't need a loan to buy a hyundai i20. . . . Or innova . . . .. . . People who talked in hushed tones . . . People with fake smiles , the people here, looked like people you see in huge billboards and electronic boards . . . , rich . . . Happy . . . And smiling . . . . , well , i 'm not rich . . . And i wasn't smiling . . . And i cant afford louis vuitton . . . And i dont need bags worth a fortune. . . . And i dont need to own good brands to convince me i 'm living the good life. . . . . . So i thought 'what the hell am i doing here??',that is when a phone call from my brother reminded me i was at the right place and that i'd come here without the intention of coming here

that was it... i headed back.. making a mental note of reviving my dying blog and writing down the funny (read dark, disgraceful, and stupid) thoughts that i cam across while at UB city......

i walked out.... into a familiar world.. with dust, traffic, traffic ignals and traffic jams.. a world with friends.. arguments and pedestrian crossings

what happened while i was crossing the road is for another day to write about... ( and it is with pain that i tell you that yes.. i'll be back... with more stupidity and more pathetic writing)

thanks for reading through ... please feel free to express how much you want me to stop writing this very minute... thank you.. good bye and GOD bless